Connector Status

There are four types of "state" a connector can be in. These states may have slightly different meanings depending on if it's associated with a source, destination, or flow.

State Definitions

InactiveShown when the source or flow is marked inactive. Mark the source of flow "active" to clear this state. No data processing will occur when inactive.
Active / HealthyShown when everything is nominal with the source, destination, or flow.
Provisioning / IdleSource, destination, or flow is not processing data. See below for details.
ErrorSource, destination, or flow has errors. See below for details.


Hovering over a state icon will reveal additional state information


If a source, destination, or flow is in an Error state, detailed error messages can be seen under the "Errors" tab on the source, destination, or flow "Details" page.


ProvisioningA source is configured, but has not started ingesting data.
IdleA source is configured, but not part of any flows, or only part of inactive flows.
IdleThe source is not pulling in any data from a healthy connection. e.g. 0 records returned.
IdleIf a source connection fails, but on the next test succeeds, the source we will be in an idle state until that source ingests data again.
ErrorThis source has errors with it's configuration or API requests.


ProvisioningA destination is configured, but has not yet received it's first batch of data via a configured flow.
IdleA destination is configured, but not processing any data.
ErrorThe destination has errors with it's configuration or authentication.


ProvisioningA flow is configured, but has not yet processed it's first batch of data.
IdleA flow is configured, but the source connector is inactive.
ErrorErrors encountered when processing data. e.g. an invalid JSON record is present