Cato Networks

Source Connector


Cato Networks

This source connector fetches Large Scale Event Monitoring from the Cato API.



  1. Find the Cato Account ID.

    The Account ID isn't shown in the Cato Management Application, rather you can find it as a number embedded in the URL. For example, the Account ID is 2634 in the following URL:!/account/2634/topology

  2. Create an API Key

  3. Enable the events feeds on your account.

    1. Navigate to System > API Access Management.
    2. Select Event Feed Enabled.
      1. After this, your account starts sending events to the Cato API server. Wait about 30 minutes for Cato to collect enough events to return data for the API query.


Account IDyesCato Account ID
API KeyyesAPI Key for Cato Networks

Connector Limitations

  • The source connector is restricted by rate limits.
  • filters are not ingested.