Welcome to Tarsal

One-click to build your security data lake.

Tarsal is a data pipeline custom-built for security teams. In just a few clicks, security teams can exfil petabytes of log data from any source, normalize, and route that data to their desired destination.

Tarsal provides:

  • One-click ingestion for your security logs
  • Normalization so you can easily correlate across data sources
  • A vendor-agnostic pipeline so you can use the best tool for the job

Use cases

  • Create a security data lake in Snowflake/Databricks/S3 etc. with native, zero maintenance connectors
  • Keep your SIEM and migrate analytics over to your data lake with Tarsal feeding into both destination
  • Automatically normalize your data for easy correlation

How it works

Tarsal reaches out to your source, receives data, normalizes it and then routes it to your destination.

You can configure how frequently the data is synced, what data is replicated, and set up alerts if logs are dropped.

Tarsal normalizes and cleans the data. The purpose of this normalization and cleaning is to format the data in the optimal way for your analysis, and to make it easy for you to correlate across your data.