Source Connector



This source connector fetches from the Volt REST API.



  1. Login to your Volt Account.
  2. Navigate to Applications.
    1. If an application has not been created yet, create a new application.
    2. Under the credentials section on the application, you will find the Client ID and Secret needed for the configuration.
  3. Then, navigate to Customers
    1. Under the merchant details, you can create credentials for the production environment. You will need the username in the email format and password for the configuration.


Client IDYesThe ID for the application you're using to access the Volt API778e4e55-8eb5-4adf-88cb-2e3596ac0661
Client SecretYesThe secret for the application you're using to access the Volt APId9f3c4fe-b8c0-47dc-a4b6-a1431ee9378b
UsernameYesUsername in email address format from the merchant credentials section[email protected]
PasswordYesPassword from the merchant credentials section!R%Y8f9#2kmt$hp5e3xC4@7*SPG0U&K1
Customer IDNoSpecifying a customer Id filters the report to include data exclusively for that merchant. Without a customerId, the report covers all merchants in your customer hierarchy.7599d253-3a53-407d-a431-2d74ba40bbc2

Connector Limitations

There are no known limitations at this time.